One Nationism

The Conservative Party is nothing if it is not a One Nation Party, and must understand and articulate clearly that a thriving economy is a means of better helping those less fortunate than themselves rather than an end in itself.

The ‘One Nation’ approach – the commitment to ensuring all benefit from sound economic stewardship, particularly the low paid and disadvantaged – has always been at the core of Conservative policy, even if at times this has not been communicated well.

These are areas where the Government is making great strides: the economy is performing well, health and education spending continues to rise and employment is high. The Treasury’s covid support schemes are recognised as some of the best in the world, and they helped protected many thousands of businesses and millions of jobs.

In addition, the national living wage is boosting incomes, and raising the National Insurance thresholds will also take many of the lowest-paid out of tax. Whilst acknowledging that still more needs to be done – and I still favour the abandonment of the rise in National Insurance, these are important achievements.

I hope the Government continues along the road of One Nationism, and will carry on campaigning to this end. We have several years to take advantage of the power of incumbency to set about improving people’s lives. If we continue to deliver and get the messaging right, we will then have a compelling vision to offer the country at the next General Election.